I, a great sinner, hope that this blog will provide a space for a reasonable and respectful discussion of homosexuality, and specifically, in an Orthodox Christian framework.

I am in no way qualified to conduct this discussion other than my own personal experiences with homosexuality and Orthodox Christianity.

I have been an Orthodox Christian for 15 plus years. I grew up in a fundamentalist and sometimes pentecostal evangelical Protestant tradition and converted to Orthodoxy in my early 20s. I have struggled to integrate my personal sexual orientation and my spiritual life in a variety of ways. I do not seek to overturn the traditional Orthodox position on homosexuality but rather to explore and better understand the experiences of those who are homosexually inclined and the spiritual nuances and implications of this reality within the Orthodox Christian life.

* I will attempt to note words or phrases which may not be common knowledge in either/or the non-Orthodox or Orthodox communities and will utilize mostly Wikipedia or OrthodoxWiki (despite their weaknesses I find them to be generally evenhanded and useful research tools though others may disagree) as links whenever possible.